What is The Transportation Community?

A Transportation Community Marketplace Platform started by two women passionate and successful in the transportation industry to help other established and even aspiring transportation entrepreneurs Share, Learn, and Grow their businesses to the next level by centralizing and leveraging each other's resources to SCALE (cover more than your bills)!  We save busy transportation business owners and aspiring ones of all types time Googling/YouTubing their answers but connect them to answers and support to figure things out with a community, not alone. We're not reinventing the wheel, just equipping our community to leverage it better.

Why Join The Transportation Community?

We are a supportive community for entrepreneurs in the transportation industry. The problem we saw was transportation businesses like ours and others had to go many places to get guidance on how to start, grow, and what services to use. We have created a one stop shop for Transportation businesses to Share, Learn, and Grow.

Who's Behind The Transportation Community?

Salacia and Ocea the founders of Karriage Transport and the Transportation Chix started this community to even the playing fields in the transportation industry by bridging the gap of experience and knowledge to help as many transportation businesses as possible  across the world MAKE and LEVERAGE CONNECTIONS/RESOURCES to SCALE! 

What People Say About The Transportation Community?

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Great training that helped me start my transportation business.
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Helped me take my transportation business to the next level!
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Set my business up with transportation resources from start to finish

64% of surveyed transportation businesses overspend on start up costs because they don't have a real business to talk to before they start